3 magical qualities of books that will make you think about them in a different way

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More creative ideas, more ‘flow,’ and more output are some of the benefits I’ve felt

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Flow states can help us do our best writing — but we need to learn how to cultivate them

The Yerkes-Dodson Law — Graphic by Author

Learn to better weather life’s storms and become a happier person

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Five lessons about learning faster that can be applied to any skill you’re trying to develop

Person playing a guitar
Person playing a guitar
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Finally, someone is calling out the BS. A good day for health crusaders — a bad day for coca-cola

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Powerful techniques used by Nobel Prize winners, entrepreneurs, and chess masters

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Being a self-starter and “creating” something isn't easy — but here is a model to help you succeed.

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Is Everyone “Creative”?

A lear of lockdown — a year of learning and reflection

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The many ways a reading habit can change your life for the better

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Steve Fitz

Educator, Writer, and Hiker. I write about: health, habits, psychology, creativity, life-changing books & more: Founder of The Reboot Journal: rebootfactory.com

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